Sunday, October 9, 2011

Adventure to Fitness

It rained this week.  Recess was a goner.  (insert sad face and a couple of tears)  However, now I have a secret weapon.  If you haven't heard of Adventure to Fitness, come on over and check it out!  It will change inside recess as you know it!!!!!  :)

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  1. This program is going viral! And really... what good news! No matter the weather outside, the kids delight in those 30 minutes to let out energy. Plus it's FREE! Love that! Just hit play!

    Also, about firewall issues: I don't know if anybody else had this issue, but I know a peer had an issue with this message when she logged in "Net stream not found" right where the player normally is. Well, she called into customer support and the tech department and they helped fix it. All you have to do is call or email your district IT contact and ask them to add to the allowed list. Hope this saves people some time! They really DO answer any and all questions! Ha. Customer service mirrors the high quality of the program. Don't be afraid to call them on the off chance something comes up!!! They're great!


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