Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Teaching Sight Words - some ideas

There are many ways to practice Sight Words. These are some of them:
Select 5 to 10 new words each week to teach.
Make your own cards or print my cards onto hard cardboard.
Show the word to the child.
Say: This is the word /XXXX/
Ask: What letter is at the beginning of this word?
ABC order

Let children place the cards in abc order.

Word formation
Use plastic letters to "write" the words.

New sentences
You can use the cards with your children to create their own sentences.

Tic tac toe
Allow them to play tic tac toe, either with colored chalk on the board or with colored pencils on paper. you can also make tic tac toe games with manipulative pieces. Before a children can place an "x" or an "o" on the grid, he or she must spell a sight word correctly.

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